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November 2015

The Final Words of a Faithful Saviour (Pt 4) Session 1

In this part 4 of our communion series on “The Final Words of a Faithful Saviour” (The Word of Isolation), Pastor Daniel Kriss takes us on an incredible journey of discovery, building up a full understanding of the mystery, the purpose, and the departure of the darkness surrounding the final hours of Christ on the cross, and culminating in a fresh and thrilling recognition of our redemption because of this darkness.  In this astounding sermon, we see in a very sobering way how Christ usher

Epaphroditus: A Devoted Servant (Part 2)

In this second instalment on the life of Epaphroditus, Pastor Daniel Kriss exposes for us the meaning behind four designations that the Apostle Paul gave to Epaphroditus – fellow-worker, fellow-soldier, messenger and minister. The incredible example of this devoted servant is one that should stir us to be synergised in our work for God’s kingdom, actively engaged in the battle, fully consecrated to His calling, living as a faithful ambassador, and humbly serving our Master, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Epaphroditus: A Devoted Servant (Part 1)

“Epaphroditus is a name which is virtually unknown to most believers. In this third of our character studies in Philippians 2, Pastor Daniel Kriss begins to expose the details of the life of this unsung hero. The Apostle Paul called Epaphroditus “my brother”, and in this message we were confronted with 9 similarities between our physical family and our spiritual family – the church of Jesus Christ. The church is not a place, it is a people. It is not an organisation but a living organism. Are you and I truly functioning in the church as God designed it – as members of a family?”

Timothy: A Faithful Friend & Spiritual Servant (Pt 2)

In this second part of the character study of Timothy, Pastor Daniel Kriss exposes three major facets of the life of Timothy – he was a Man of Contrast, a Man of Character, and a Man of Commitment.  Cultural-chameleon Christianity, the process of “proven worth”, and out-of-the-spotlight servants were discussed in this message, as the challenge went out to be willing to stand out in the Christian crowd, to have our worth proven through suffering, and to be fully committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ, as was this faithful man Timothy. Have a listen today!

The Final Words of a Faithful Saviour (Pt.3)

We have a compassionate Christ who in the final moments of His life on the cross displayed an incredible care and concern for His mother. Watch yesterday’s sermon by Pastor Daniel Kriss and you will be confronted with 3 characters: Mary – a Woman of Sorrows, John – a Beloved Disciple, and Christ – the Compassionate Saviour!

October 2015

The Shepherd’s Voice

It was our privilege to have Bro. Andrew Roberts from Golden City Baptist Church Bendigo preach at our service on Sunday. His text was John 9 which records the account of the blind beggar who was healed by Jesus. It was a tremendous challenge to all regarding the importance of hearing the voice of the shepherd, and the sufficiency of His voice. Take the time to listen to this message and I am certain you will be challenged and encouraged!

The High Cost of Being a Disciple

In a very real sense every Christian will live in Philippians 1:21 or Philippians 2:21. Either the chorus of your life will be “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Phil.1:21) or “He/she sought their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ” (Phil.2:21). WARNING! This message is perhaps the most confrontational sermon preached at MCCBC. If you listen to this you will be forced to make a decision and you will never be able to say “I didn’t know what true discipleship was”. Discipleship is not a program – it is a LIFE! Are you a TRUE DISCIPLE of JESUS CHRIST?

Timothy: A Faithful Friend & Spiritual Servant (pt.1)

How much do you know about Timothy? In this message, Pastor Daniel Kriss provides a comprehensive study into this incredible young man who was Paul’s faithful friend and God’s spiritual servant. Like Paul, Timothy was zealous, and totally committed to preaching the gospel and building up the body of Christ. Take the time to listen and be encouraged by the life of this true disciple of Jesus Christ!

September 2015

Paul: A Man with Eternity in View (pt.2)

Paul was a man with eternity in view and in this second installment Pastor Daniel Kriss explains that joy is the product of eternal vision. This is the same joy that was in view when the Lord Jesus Christ endured the cross (Heb12:2). This message will challenge you to operate with eternity in view and thereby live this life with fullness of joy despite whatever circumstances you are in.

Paul: A Man with Eternity in View (pt.1)

A new mini-series begins with a focus on three fascinating characters in the Bible: Paul, Timothy and Epaphroditus. In this first message, Pastor Daniel Kriss gives a succinct summary of Paul’s life and then demonstrates how he operated with an eternal perspective. Paul never lost sight of the “Day of Christ” and this vision ensured fullness of joy, absolute satisfaction in an ever-changing tumultuous life, and perseverance in his race and labour for Christ!