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October 2016

The Finish Line

Beyond the sometimes gruelling race of this Christian life is the glorious finish line of Heaven.  In this sermon, Pastor Daniel Kriss takes us on an exploration of many of the wonderful realities we will experience upon attainment of the finish line of our Christian lives.  The most glorious of these is that we will finally see and be with our Saviour Jesus Christ, when our faith is made sight.  Sin and its effects will be done away with, God’s eternal kingdom will be ushere

Spiritual Gifts (Part 2)

Every believer has been given one or more spiritual gifts by the Holy Spirit to be used for the benefit of their local church. In this sermon, Pastor Daniel Kriss continues our series on Spiritual Gifts, beginning with an observation of three problems in the church today regarding spiritual gifts. An examination of the history and four different viewpoints followed, together with a workable definition and eight points of explanation, enlightening our understanding of the impact and implicat

A Study in Colossians: Part 2

Our study through the book of Colossians continues with preacher Lucas Macdonald bringing us part 2, from Colossians 1:9-14. Lucas brings into focus in this passage the prayer ministry which each believer ought to have one for another, and highlights the importance of being filled with the knowledge of God’s will, and then applying it to our lives. The benefits of this applied knowledge include walking worthy of Christ, bearing fruit in good works, growth in maturity, strengthening by the S

September 2016

Spiritual Gifts (Part 1): An Introduction

Our journey of discovery of God’s plan for the local church continues with the beginning of a mini-series on the spiritual gifts.  Pastor Daniel Kriss begins with a comprehensive and encouraging overview of the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer, then brings us several introductory comments regarding spiritual gifting, to whet our appetites as we start this exciting exploration of an essential facet of the function of the local church.  

Remembering the Shepherd

Oftentimes when our life circumstances become overwhelming, we lose sight of the One Who is our loving Shepherd. In this heartfelt sermon, Pastor Daniel Kriss draws on his personal experience in regaining a consciousness of the nearness of our Shepherd, with a journey through the first four verses of well-known Psalm chapter 23. Exposing the rich promises of God’s provision, rest, refreshment, restoration, guidance, and presence in this passage, the exhortation is here to be ever trusting in and remembering our Shepherd.   

August 2016

Church Leadership Part 3: Practical Leadership Pt 2

Our series on Church Leadership concludes with this sermon on the qualifications and responsibilities of deacons/deaconesses in the local church. Continuing on from last week, Pastor Daniel Kriss brings us Part 2 of “Practical Leadership”, beginning importantly with the topic of the servanthood of every believer. We must not assume that the criteria for deacons/deaconesses is just for those serving in that role, but indeed are to be the everyday norm for the Christian. Furthermore, the&nbsp

Church Leadership Part 3: Practical Leadership Pt 1

The Word of God is very clear when it comes to the leadership structure designed by God for His church.  In part 3 of our mini-series on Church Leadership, Pastor Daniel Kriss begins looking at practical leadership within the local church: deacons/deaconesses.  Beginning with clarification on the common misconceptions of this role, then defining the word ‘deacon’ (or ‘diakonos’ in the Greek), this message explores several aspects of this area of leadership, including the specific scriptural sense of what a deacon is, what a deacon is not, the difference between elders and deacons, and the inclusion of both men and women in this office of practical, servant leadership.   

Church Leadership Part 2: Pastoral Leadership Pt 2

We’re on a journey to discover God’s revealed plan for His church, and as God places a high importance upon the role of those called to lead His flock, a solid understanding of church leadership is crucial for us. Continuing our mini-series on Church Leadership, Pastor Daniel Kriss brings us this sermon entitled “Pastoral Leadership: Part 2”.  The Biblical qualifications of the pastor are detailed in this sermon, as taught to Timothy and Titus by the Apostle Paul. In addition, seven Biblical responsibilities of the church toward the pastor were also exposed, a stirring reminder of the ways in which the church is called to love and support those called by God to pastoral leadership.

A Glossary of Glorious Terms (Part 3: Imputation)

Our Communion Series entitled “A Glossary of Glorious Terms” continues with this sermon on the grand gospel term “Imputation”. Pastor Daniel Kriss brings to light this incredibly truth, explaining the features, advantages and benefits to us. The reality of this facet of our salvation, that our sins have been imputed to Christ, and Christ’s righteousness has been imputed to us, when properly understood will bring about praise and gratitude. How amazing that our God has, through Christ, made us worthy to stand before Him!

July 2016

A Study in Colossians: Part 1

An exciting new series in the book of Colossians has begun here at MCCBC! Preacher Lucas Macdonald brought us Part 1, beginning with the history of the ancient New Testament city of Colossae, looking at the characters involved, and detailing the Colossian heresies which the Apostle Paul was addressing in this letter. The sufficiency of Christ is the theme of the book, and this sermon practically expounds the inseparable link between our faith and hope in Christ, and culminates with a challenge to consider whether our faith, hope and love are evidently displayed in our individual lives, and in our local church.