Pastor Daniel Kriss

Daniel Kriss is the Pastor for Teaching and Preaching at Mount Cathedral Community Baptist Church in Alexandra, Victoria. 
In 1989, after listening to a sermon preached in the Nunawading Scout Hall, Daniel responded in faith to the gospel and was saved.
Not long afterwards, he believed that God had called him to the ministry. Throughout his schooling life, he spent any spare time in the study of the Scriptures, even to the detriment of his homework and school grades.
At the age of 15, Daniel preached his first sermon to a group of about 50 people on a Sunday night. The sermon itself left a lot to be desired, but that experience of preaching the Scriptures publicly was the catalyst for his future as an itinerant preacher, and then as a pastor.
Having grown up without a father, Daniel was blessed to be discipled and mentored by many men from the local church. This was where he developed a deep love for God’s people and came to see the importance of the church family.
In 2011, whilst serving as Director of Crystal Creek Christian Camp, Daniel, and his wife Jessica, started attending Mount Cathedral Community Baptist Church. Unknown to them, this little country church had been praying for many years that God would bring a young couple into the district who would serve the church as pastor and wife. After just a few months, it became clear to Daniel and Jessica that this was God’s will for them. In 2012, Daniel was ordained and inducted into the ministry formally, and continues to serve in this capacity today.
Having studied theology and the Scriptures for many years, Daniel is passionate about ensuring that God’s Word has a central place in the church, as well as in the heart of the believer. Every week Daniel produces a wide-range of articles, sermon notes, study guides, and various topical papers which are all available at the Glorious Gospel Ministries Website.
Daniel and Jessica own an appliance store in Alexandra, and are passionate about reaching the local community with the gospel. Several years ago, Daniel co-produced a Music CD, and is in the process of authoring his first book.
Daniel & Jessica Kriss, March 2021
Daniel Ordained as Pastor, 2012
Daniel in his library, constantly!
Daniel distributing tracts.