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June 2017

Bible Fellowship Day Session #1: Assuming on Christ

Keeping Life in Perspective

Near-tragic experiences are a severe wake-up call that we have no guarantee of tomorrow.  In this sermon, Pastor Daniel Kriss shares from the heart a recent personal experience, and the truths he has gleaned from the Word of God in the wake of that event. We all tend to plan our lives and operate independently of God, even subconsciously, but His desire as the only omniscient One is that we would learn to depend totally upon Him day-by-day, moment-by-moment.  Speaking on the brevi

A Glossary of Glorious Terms (Part 7: Regeneration)

Regeneration – our spiritual birth, our new life in Christ – is a glorious gospel term that is rich with meaning for the believer.  Pastor Daniel Kriss concludes our communion series on glorious Scriptural terms with this seventh instalment, exploring the concept of “Regeneration”.  Beginning with a definition of this inspiring term, and then reviewing twelve elements of salvation found in Titus chapter 3, we gain an understanding of the “re-creating” work that is meant

May 2017

Walking in the Joy of the Lord (Part 2)

Experiencing fullness of joy in our Christian life should not be some elusive dream.  In Part 2, a continuation of last week's sermon on joy, Pastor Daniel Kriss resumes the exposition of several aspects detailing how and why we ought to actively live in the joy of the Lord. In order to sustain this joy, which is a spiritual attitude, a believer must be walking in step with the Holy Spirit, abiding in Christ, moment by moment.  In conclusion, there is a reminder to choose to believe the sovereignty and goodness of God over our lives, and thereby rest and rejoice in the great joy to which we have been called. 

Walking in the Joy of the Lord (Part 1)

The presence of true joy in the life of a believer is a tremendous privilege, yet often not fully realised on a day-to-day basis.  In this sermon, Pastor Daniel Kriss begins by providing a detailed definition of joy as a spiritual attitude, as opposed to simply a feeling.  Understanding the sovereignty of God, coupled with His unchanging goodness, is imperative to grasping the depth of this joy.  Several aspects of experiencing joy were delineated by Pastor Daniel, who then closed with several questions to ask ourselves to determine if we are walking in this joy that is available to us as a result of our union with Christ. 

What It Means to be a Member of God’s Family

Our Mother’s Day service here at MCCBC was a special time of celebration of not only God’s wonderful gift of mothers, but also of the God-ordained concept of family.  Opening with an overview of various responses we observe on a day such as this, Pastor Daniel Kriss then directs our attention during this sermon to the biblical meaning what it means to be a member of God’s family.  The first point looked at foundational truths relating to God’s invention of family, defining the

Responses to Remembering Jesus

Communion Sunday is always a wonderful time to specifically remember Jesus and what was accomplished for us on the cross.  In this sermon, preacher Lucas Macdonald asks the question "How do you react when you remember Jesus?" We all think of Jesus from varying perspectives, and these produce varying reactions.  Reviewing several of these emotions brought about by pondering on the suffering Jesus endured for us, and ultimately rejoicing in the love displayed at Calvary, this succinct message will cause you to assess your reaction to Jesus and the truths of the cross. 

April 2017

Dead or Alive: The Death-Life Paradox of the Gospel

In this sermon, guest preacher Adrian Martinez skilfully expounds from Romans chapter 6 the beautiful paradox that as believers we have been made both dead to sin and alive to righteousness.  Touching on the significance of baptism with Christ, having a heart direction of righteousness, our new master/slave relationship, the results of real grace, and avoidance of becoming weapons of unrighteousness, this sermon is rich with gospel truth, as well as the practical outworking of the believer's death to self and life in Christ. 

Prerequisites to Service (Part 4) – Overcoming the Great Sin of Pride

In this fourth instalment of our mini-series preceding our study on the spiritual gifts, Pastor Daniel Kriss tackles the uncomfortable topic of pride and humility.  Beginning by noting that the Apostle Paul issues a command in Romans 12:3 to denounce pride, Pastor Daniel then provides us with a working definition of the term “pride”, followed by an observation of several examples of God’s perspective on prideful individuals in the scripture.  A comprehensive compilation of examples of

The Greatest Truth in All the World

The well-known text of John 3:16 contains the greatest truth known to mankind. In this Easter Sunday sermon, Pastor Daniel Kriss brings us a refreshingly simple yet powerful phrase-by-phrase exposition of this verse.  The reality that the love of God is unquantifiable, that He doesn’t need us yet invites us to come, that helpless sinners such as ourselves have been provided with a cure for our disease of sin, and that we as believers now possess eternal life with God, were just a few of the incredible “greatest” truths unfolded for us.  This message is a wonderfully clear explanation of the gospel to the unsaved - and a reinvigorating reminder to the believer of the treasure we possess in Christ!