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Praise the Lord for technology that allows us the opportunity to record and upload quality Bible teaching to this site. May the Lord use the preaching of the Word of God from the pulpit at MCCBC to encourage, challenge and change your life.


July 2016

Church Leadership Part 2: Pastoral Leadership

Revisiting our mini-series on Church Leadership begun a few weeks ago, this sermon by Pastor Daniel Kriss examines the Biblical roles and responsibilities of pastoral leadership in the local church.  This enlightening and down-to-earth message looks at misconceptions about the pastor, the Biblical definition of a pastor, and the New Testament qualifications for a pastor. It is imperative that we as the body of Christ understand this high calling of God upon the lives of our church leadership!

Hope for the Hurting Heart

No one is exempt from hurt in some form at some point in their lives. This practical and heartfelt message from Pastor Daniel Kriss explains the definition of hurt, examines several examples of hurting people in the scriptures, encourages us to thoughtfully process our hurt Biblically, and points us to the comfort found in leaning into the truth of Who our God is.

Giving God’s Way (Part 2)

In this sequel to our sermon two weeks ago entitled “Giving God’s Way”, Pastor Daniel provides us with an in-depth study on the model of giving in the New Testament early church, exposing and detailing for us four areas of financial giving that we observe in the New Testament:  1) internal relief fund for the poor and needy,   2) internal support for the teaching pastor,  3) external support for poor & nee

A Glossary of Glorious Terms Part 2: Election

Our Communion Series entitled "A Glossary of Glorious Terms" continues with Pastor Daniel bringing us a message on the term “Election”. Asking and answering five key questions on this important and often hotly contested Biblical doctrine, defining the two schools of thought on the topic, and taking a comprehensive look at the Bible’s teaching on sovereign election, this message brings our attention back to our glorious God Who in unmerited favour set His love and mercy upon wretched sinners such as us!

June 2016

Giving God’s Way (Part 1)

It is imperative that we understand God's design for His church in the realm of giving. In part 1 of this sermon, Pastor Daniel Kriss outlines and explores three facets of this important subject - money and the church, misconceptions about giving, and motives for giving. The reminder that nothing we have is truly ours, followed by enlightening teaching on the largely misconstrued topic of tithing, and a gospel-centred look at why we are to give, make up this fresh and challenging overview of God's plan for giving in the local church.

The Pursuit of Holiness

Your purpose as a Christian is to be holy. To be like God. Pastor Daniel Kriss brings us a message on "The Pursuit of Holiness", bringing to light for us three key aspects of holiness in the life of the believer - the motivation, the means, and the mission. As we consider the promises which motivate our holiness, and we come before God for cleansing from defilement of the body and spirit, we draw nearer to fulfilling our purpose in this life - reflecting the holiness which characterises our God. Lord, give us hearts to know You so we may become more like You!

A Glossary of Glorious Terms (Part 1)

Our new communion series entitled "A Glossary of Glorious Terms" begins with this message from Pastor Daniel Kriss, unpacking the wondrous concept of atonement.  An exploration of the term in the Old Testament and the New Testament provided us with an overview of the meaning of this most foundational truth of our gospel, concluding with five points regarding the relevance of the atoning work of Christ for us in 2016.  Praise God that His Son's atonement not only has reconciled us to God, but is also presently cleansing and sanctifying us!

May 2016

The Pursuit of Excellence

What are we doing with our redeemed life in Christ? Are we content to be "good enough", or are we striving for excellence? In this exceptional sermon by our guest speaker Pastor Adrian Martinez of Grace Community Bible Church in Melbourne, we are confronted with five reasons for the believer to pursue excellence in the Christian life. Filled with theological truth and practical application, this message will inspire and encourage you to renew your endeavour to live a life of effective excellence for the glory of our God!

Church Leadership: The Head of the Church

We have begun a new sermon mini-series within our "Come Back to Church" vision series, with this message from Pastor Daniel Kriss entitled "Church Leadership: The Head of the Church".  Delving into two concepts regarding Paul's teaching that Christ is the Head of the church, moving onto clarification of some common misconceptions regarding church leadership, exploring Christ's right to rule the church, and examining Christ's style of leadership, this message is an inspiring, refreshing, and encouraging vision of our Head, our Patriarchal Theocrat, Christ!

Walking in the Spirit

How often do we ponder the truth that, as believers, we have the incredible privilege of being indwelt by the Holy Spirit? Pastor Terry Calvert brings us this message with the pertinent reminder of the importance of walking in the Spirit, looking at different passages in scripture, with thoughts to consider regarding the application of this truth to our everyday lives. We also looked at the truth that the fruit of the Spirit is HIS work in our lives, not merely something we attempt to muster up in our own strength. Praise the Lord for His indwelling and leading in our lives when we are surrendered!