January 2018

A Theology of Trees

Trees are a familiar aspect of creation around us. In this unique communion message, Pastor Daniel takes us on a journey through the Bible, considering various trees and their associated attitudes and meanings. Beginning with the Tree of Rebellion and the Tree of Religion in the garden of Eden, moving to the Tree of Inquisition climbed […]

August 2017

A Glossary of Glorious Titles (Part 2: Lord Jesus Christ)

The second “Glorious Title” in our communion series is one that is so commonly used among Christians, and yet so often we fail to grasp the depth of its’ meaning. The “Lord Jesus Christ”, the full name of the Son of God, was the designation that Pastor Daniel Kriss opened up for us in this sermon, […]

July 2017

A Glossary of Glorious Titles (Part 1: Advocate)

A brand new Communion Series has been unveiled today at MCCBC. In this first sermon in the series of “A Glossary of Glorious Titles”, Pastor Daniel Kriss takes the grand designation of “Advocate” as a title of Christ, and expounds for us the definition, the theological ramifications, and also the practical applications to be made in consideration […]

June 2017

A Glossary of Glorious Terms (Part 7: Regeneration)

Regeneration – our spiritual birth, our new life in Christ – is a glorious gospel term that is rich with meaning for the believer.  Pastor Daniel Kriss concludes our communion series on glorious Scriptural terms with this seventh instalment, exploring the concept of “Regeneration”.  Beginning with a definition of this inspiring term, and then reviewing twelve elements […]

May 2017

Responses to Remembering Jesus

Communion Sunday is always a wonderful time to specifically remember Jesus and what was accomplished for us on the cross.  In this sermon, preacher Lucas Macdonald asks the question “How do you react when you remember Jesus?” We all think of Jesus from varying perspectives, and these produce varying reactions.  Reviewing several of these emotions brought about by […]

April 2017

A Glossary of Glorious Terms (Part 6: Redemption)

Redemption is the sixth glorious concept in our communion series on gospel terms, and what an incredible reality this is in the life of the believer!  In this sermon, Pastor Daniel Kriss begins by providing us with a succinct definition of the word “redemption”, then delves into the often-avoided topic of sin and the depravity of […]

November 2016

A Glossary of Glorious Terms (Part 5: Propitiation)

Propitiation is perhaps not a term we hear a lot these days. But it is, however, one of the grand facets of the diamond that is the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In this communion sermon, Pastor Daniel Kriss takes this glorious term and unpacks for us the definition, explains the history of its usage, and highlights […]

August 2016

A Glossary of Glorious Terms (Part 3: Imputation)

Our Communion Series entitled “A Glossary of Glorious Terms” continues with this sermon on the grand gospel term “Imputation”. Pastor Daniel Kriss brings to light this incredibly truth, explaining the features, advantages and benefits to us. The reality of this facet of our salvation, that our sins have been imputed to Christ, and Christ’s righteousness has been […]

July 2016

A Glossary of Glorious Terms Part 2: Election

Our Communion Series entitled “A Glossary of Glorious Terms” continues with Pastor Daniel bringing us a message on the term “Election”. Asking and answering five key questions on this important and often hotly contested Biblical doctrine, defining the two schools of thought on the topic, and taking a comprehensive look at the Bible’s teaching on sovereign election, […]

June 2016

A Glossary of Glorious Terms (Part 1)

Our new communion series entitled “A Glossary of Glorious Terms” begins with this message from Pastor Daniel Kriss, unpacking the wondrous concept of atonement.  An exploration of the term in the Old Testament and the New Testament provided us with an overview of the meaning of this most foundational truth of our gospel, concluding with […]