Considering Our Ways & Developing Habits of Holiness (Pt 1)

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The conclusion of a year and the dawning of a new one bring a wonderful opportunity for reminiscence, review & recalibration. Pastor Daniel Kriss takes this theme in our year-ending sermon, beginning a preaching series of self-examination of five areas of our lives. The introduction is a timely reminder of our life’s purpose, noting that God’s will for our lives is never obscured. Our personal/private life is the first area considered, with Pastor Daniel asking six probing, introspective questions which demand honest answers if we truly desire to realign our lives with God’s holiness. The famous pastor Jonathan Edwards was a master of self-examination, and several of his life-governing resolutions were shared at the conclusion of this message, encouraging our own resolve to glorify God with EVERY facet of our lives. This is a sermon for those willing to be seriously challenged and changed by the Holy Spirit as we embark upon a New Year.