Hark! The Hymn (Part 1)

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The theological depths contained in the lyrics of Charles Wesley’s age-old hymn “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” form the focal point of our special Christmas mini-series. Pastor Daniel Kriss provides a detailed exposition, line by line, of the original lyrics of this hymn for the purpose of recalibrating our minds back to the God-child in the manger.
We discover firstly a call to pause & consider, see the glory of the heavens opened, and the proclamations of praise, peace and pardon. A compelling call is issued to join the chorus of joy at the birth of the Christ, and then a statement of the status of Christ as “Heaven’s Adored”.  Pastor Daniel fills out each of these points with the scriptural basis for Wesley’s statements, displaying the stunning theological truths contained in this hymn. May this sermon enable us to see our glorious Saviour with illuminated hearts this Christmas season!