September 2015

What am I to do with the Gospel? Pt.4

In this final installment, Pastor Daniel Kriss hones in on the biblical motivations for preaching the gospel. The church for the most part is apathetic, lethargic, lazy, unconcerned for others, and “neither hot nor cold.” This message is confronting and convicting because it does not deal with methodology but motive. It penetrates to the core […]

The Final Words of a Faithful Saviour (pt.2)

In this second of the seven sayings of the Saviour on the cross, Pastor Daniel Kriss draws our attention to “The Word of Salvation.” Four specific points are considered: The position of the criminal, the process of change, the powerful confessions, and the promise of Christ. Find out who a criminal who reviled the Lord […]

August 2015

What am I to do with the Gospel (pt.3)?

In part 3 of this mini-series, Pastor Daniel Kriss discusses the importance of “holding in” or retaining the gospel. This sermon explains how critical it is for a Christian to understand the truth of the gospel and then apply it to every day life. Many have commented on how helpful it has been to been […]

What am I to do with the Gospel? Pt.2

This is the second message in the four-part series on “What am I to do with the Gospel” taken from the text in Philippians 2:16 which reads “Hold fast to the word of life.” In this message Pastor Daniel Kriss encourages the believers to “Hold up the Gospel.” In other words, “let your light so […]

What am I to do with the Gospel (Pt.1)

Philippians 2:16 instructs the church to “hold fast to the word of life.” What exactly is the “word of life” and what does it mean to “hold fast to it?” In this message Pastor Daniel Kriss begins a 4 part mini-series on the meaning of this profound text. Beware this is a HARD message and […]

Blamelessness & Innocence in the Midst of a Perverse World

From a distance the church at Philippi seemed to be operating well – they had a strong leadership team, a focus on the gospel, an intercessory prayer ministry, they were obedient to the Word, they were concerned with the welfare of other believers, and even had an active missions program. However, beneath the surface lurked […]

The Final Words of a Faithful Saviour (pt.1)

Pastor Daniel Kriss started a new monthly communion series entitled, “The Final Words of a Faithful Saviour.” Over the course of the next few months he will unpack the 7 utterances of Christ on the cross. Part one is entitled: “The Word of Forgiveness.” In this message the listener is confronted with 3 important points […]

July 2015

The Process of Sanctification (pt.4)

The final installment of the process of sanctification which deals with the “purpose of God” and the “Pleasure of God.” Take the time to listen and be encouraged in the knowledge that God is working in you to will and to work for His good pleasure!

The Process of Sanctification Pt.3

Having already considered the first aspect of God – “His Person”, Pastor Daniel Kriss continues on this journey of sanctification by presenting the next two aspects: “His Power” and “His Presence.” If you are not familiar with the omnipotence of God or the reality of His abiding presence, it is essential you listen to this […]

The Process of Sanctification (Pt.2)

This message is taken from Philippians 2:13 and is a 17 point summary of “Theology Proper”. Pastor Daniel Kriss summarises who God really is in this text. Take the time to listen and be confronted with the glory of God’s character.