July 2015

The Lord’s Supper – The Christian’s Remembrance Service

In this message Pastor Daniel Kriss explains what the Scripture teaches about the Lord’s Supper. This sacred ordinance in not to be treated lightly. The Bible tells us that there were those at Corinth who were weak and sick and some had even died because they partook unworthily.

June 2015

The Process of Sanctification Pt.1

Are we saved by our own efforts? Is salvation dependent on us? Did we author or produce salvation? NO! NO! NO! Do we have a role to play in sanctification? YES! Listen today as Pastor Daniel Kriss preaches from Philippians 2:12 “…work out your own salvation with fear and trembling…”

The Exaltation of Jesus Christ

This sermon by Pastor Daniel Kriss is a summary of Christ’s abasement, death and humiliation, and then the subsequent exaltation by His Father. In this message you will be challenged with the question, “Is Jesus Christ exalted in my life now?”

May 2015

Renewing the Mind

The sermon deals with the all-important subject of “renewing the mind.” True sanctification takes place when the mind of the believer is constantly being renewed by the water of the word. May you be blessed, encouraged and challenged by this teaching from Romans 12:1-2

January 2015

The Great Distinction (pt.1)

Returning to New Testament Christianity

December 2014

God leads us along

Unity- Its Enemies & Friends

November 2014

The Brevity of Life & Living Life to the Fullest

Christ our Unleavened Bread