March 2017

Pastor Daniel Kriss’ Testimony

Daniel Kriss, our Pastor for Teaching & Vision, shares his own personal testimony. This is a powerful account of the mercy and grace of God through times of great joy and times of extreme difficulty. 

October 2016

The Finish Line

Beyond the sometimes gruelling race of this Christian life is the glorious finish line of Heaven.  In this sermon, Pastor Daniel Kriss takes us on an exploration of many of the wonderful realities we will experience upon attainment of the finish line of our Christian lives.  The most glorious of these is that we will finally […]

Spiritual Gifts (Part 2)

Every believer has been given one or more spiritual gifts by the Holy Spirit to be used for the benefit of their local church. In this sermon, Pastor Daniel Kriss continues our seriesĀ on Spiritual Gifts, beginning with an observation of three problems in the church today regarding spiritual gifts. An examination of the history and […]

September 2016

Spiritual Gifts (Part 1): An Introduction

Our journey of discovery of God’s plan for the local church continues with the beginning of a mini-series on the spiritual gifts.  Pastor Daniel Kriss begins with a comprehensive and encouraging overview of the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer, then brings us several introductory comments regarding spiritual gifting, to whet […]

Remembering the Shepherd

Oftentimes when our life circumstances become overwhelming, we lose sight of the One Who is our loving Shepherd. In this heartfelt sermon, Pastor Daniel Kriss draws on his personal experience in regaining a consciousness of the nearness of our Shepherd, with a journey through the first four verses of well-known Psalm chapter 23. Exposing the rich promises […]

August 2016

Church Leadership Part 3: Practical Leadership Pt 2

Our series on Church Leadership concludes with this sermon on the qualifications and responsibilities of deacons/deaconesses in the local church. Continuing on from last week, Pastor Daniel Kriss brings us Part 2 of “Practical Leadership”, beginning importantly with the topic of the servanthood of every believer. We must not assume that the criteria for deacons/deaconesses is […]

Church Leadership Part 3: Practical Leadership Pt 1

The Word of God is very clear when it comes to the leadership structure designed by God for His church.  In part 3 of our mini-series on Church Leadership, Pastor Daniel Kriss begins looking at practical leadership within the local church: deacons/deaconesses.  Beginning with clarification on the common misconceptions of this role, then defining the word […]

Church Leadership Part 2: Pastoral Leadership Pt 2

We’re on a journey to discover God’s revealed plan for His church, and as God places a high importance upon the role of those called to lead His flock, a solid understanding of church leadership is crucial for us. Continuing our mini-series on Church Leadership, Pastor Daniel Kriss brings us this sermon entitled “Pastoral Leadership: Part 2”.  The […]

July 2016

Church Leadership Part 2: Pastoral Leadership

Revisiting our mini-series on Church Leadership begun a few weeks ago, this sermon by Pastor Daniel Kriss examines the Biblical roles and responsibilities of pastoral leadership in the local church.  This enlightening and down-to-earth message looks at misconceptions about the pastor, the Biblical definition of a pastor, and the New Testament qualifications for a pastor. It […]

Hope for the Hurting Heart

No one is exempt from hurt in some form at some point in their lives. This practical and heartfelt message from Pastor Daniel Kriss explains the definition of hurt, examines several examples of hurting people in the scriptures, encourages us to thoughtfully process our hurt Biblically, and points us to the comfort found in leaning into the […]