July 2016

Giving God’s Way (Part 2)

In this sequel to our sermon two weeks ago entitled “Giving God’s Way”, Pastor Daniel provides us with an in-depth study on the model of giving in the New Testament early church, exposing and detailing for us four areas of financial giving that we observe in the New Testament:  1) internal relief fund for the poor and […]

June 2016

Giving God’s Way (Part 1)

It is imperative that we understand God’s design for His church in the realm of giving. In part 1 of this sermon, Pastor Daniel Kriss outlines and explores three facets of this important subject – money and the church, misconceptions about giving, and motives for giving. The reminder that nothing we have is truly ours, […]

The Pursuit of Holiness

Your purpose as a Christian is to be holy. To be like God. Pastor Daniel Kriss brings us a message on “The Pursuit of Holiness”, bringing to light for us three key aspects of holiness in the life of the believer – the motivation, the means, and the mission. As we consider the promises which motivate […]

May 2016

The Pursuit of Excellence

What are we doing with our redeemed life in Christ? Are we content to be “good enough”, or are we striving for excellence? In this exceptional sermon by our guest speaker Pastor Adrian Martinez of Grace Community Bible Church in Melbourne, we are confronted with five reasons for the believer to pursue excellence in the Christian life. […]

Church Leadership: The Head of the Church

We have begun a new sermon mini-series within our “Come Back to Church” vision series, with this message from Pastor Daniel Kriss entitled “Church Leadership: The Head of the Church”.  Delving into two concepts regarding Paul’s teaching that Christ is the Head of the church, moving onto clarification of some common misconceptions regarding church leadership, exploring […]

Walking in the Spirit

How often do we ponder the truth that, as believers, we have the incredible privilege of being indwelt by the Holy Spirit? Pastor Terry Calvert brings us this message with the pertinent reminder of the importance of walking in the Spirit, looking at different passages in scripture, with thoughts to consider regarding the application of this truth to […]

The Power of the Gospel

We, as believers, have the solution for every malady of the soul. It is the gospel. In this sermon, Pastor Daniel Kriss takes us on an in-depth journey of discovery of the power of the gospel, both for conversion and for consecration. Answering in detail the question “What will the gospel do for me?” from the perspective of […]

April 2016

The Lamb of God

As we behold the Lamb of God, our lives will be more accurate reflections of the light of Christ to those around us. In this sermon, our speaker Ivor Jones takes time to remind us of the importance of “beholding the Lamb of God”, contemplating the identity of the Lamb as the Son of God, asking the all-important question […]

The Body Concept (Pt 3)

The evangelical church as a whole today is more concerned with being culturally relevant and exciting than operating with holiness and true love.  Our preaching series entitled “The Body Concept” continues, with Pastor Daniel Kriss examining the reasons for divisions in the body of Christ, and providing a detailed discussion on the necessity for mutual care and […]

March 2016

Our Death, Life & Identity in the Gospel

The Apostle Paul makes the amazing proclamation in the book of Galatians that we have been crucified with Christ, and He now lives in us. In this sermon, Pastor Daniel Kriss unpacks the implications of this statement, expounding the truths and ramifications of the believer’s identification in the death of Christ, and in the life of Christ. This dual reality for […]