March 2016

The Soul-Satisfying Saviour

Mankind is engaged in a relentless pursuit of satisfaction in life. In this sermon, Pastor Daniel Kriss directs our attention toward Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well. Jesus was not interested in religious externalism, and operated without discrimination. He alone distinguishes the heart, and dispenses eternal life. The living water which He offered to this woman is offered […]

The Body Concept (Part 2)

The church of Jesus Christ has a distinctive unity in diversity through the Spirit.  Part 2 of our preaching series entitled “The Body Concept” continued this week with Pastor Daniel Kriss delving into the concept of our unity in the Holy Spirit, explaining our baptism with the Spirit, and exploring the many aspects of our […]

February 2016

The Body Concept (Pt 1)

It is crucial that we understand that the church is not a place, but a people, a body. Our new preaching series entitled “Come Back to Church” begins with a historical survey of 10 major false ideologies that have pervaded the culture, and subsequently, the church. Pastor Daniel Kriss then unpackages and expounds the reality that […]

God’s Eulogy (Part 1)

You may wonder, “Wait, God’s eulogy… is God dead?” Absolutely not! Part 1 of this unique eulogy given by Pastor Daniel Kriss is an offering of thanks, adoration and praise for our LIVING God. This aptly-titled sermon takes us on a journey through the throne room of God’s glorious grace, and points out the manifold […]

God’s Eulogy (Part 2)

The Authority & Sufficiency of the Scripture

The greatest treasure (aside from Jesus Christ) we have in this life is the very, God-breathed, foundation of our faith – the Scripture.  In this sermon, Pastor Daniel Kriss brings our attention back to two crucial truths, the first confronting us with the reality that the Word of God has absolute authority in all matters pertaining to […]

January 2016

Characteristics of a Model Christian (Pt 3)

Faith is a largely misunderstood concept in church today.  In this third part of our mini-series on the “Characteristics of a Model Christian”, Pastor Daniel Kriss delves into the expansive topic of faith, comprehensively defining it in Biblical terms, and then discussing how the purpose and work of faith forms an indispensable part of our […]

Characteristics of a Model Christian (Pt 2)

Love. What is it really? In this continuation of our mini-series on the “Characteristics of a Model Christian”, Pastor Daniel Kriss provides us with an in-depth exposition of true “agape” love – explaining the meaning, considering the example, observing the expression, confirming the experience, and encouraging the exercise of this crucial aspect of our example to the believers.  A […]

Characteristics of a Model Christian (Pt 1)

In the book of 1 Timothy, which has been labelled by some as “The New Testament Church Manual”, the Apostle Paul lays out five specific areas in which we are to be an example to the believers. In this message, Pastor Daniel Kriss draws our attention to the fact that age has nothing to do […]

December 2015

A Mighty Fortress is Our God

Are there times in your life when you feel besieged by trouble and fear? The children of Israel certainly would have when the mighty Assyrian King Sennacherib and his formidable armies surrounded the city of Jerusalem. But the Sons of Korah in the song of Psalm 46 turned their attention instead to their only refuge […]