May 2016

The Power of the Gospel

We, as believers, have the solution for every malady of the soul. It is the gospel. In this sermon, Pastor Daniel Kriss takes us on an in-depth journey of discovery of the power of the gospel, both for conversion and for consecration. Answering in detail the question “What will the gospel do for me?” from the perspective of […]

The Final Words of a Faithful Saviour (Pt 7)

Our communion series on the “Final Words of a Faithful Saviour” concludes with this sermon on “The Word of Satisfaction”, looking at the seventh saying of Christ on the cross. Pastor Daniel Kriss begins with a review of the timeline of the day of Jesus’ crucifixion, and then illuminates and examines the close communion of Christ with His Father, and […]

April 2016

The Lamb of God

As we behold the Lamb of God, our lives will be more accurate reflections of the light of Christ to those around us. In this sermon, our speaker Ivor Jones takes time to remind us of the importance of “beholding the Lamb of God”, contemplating the identity of the Lamb as the Son of God, asking the all-important question […]

The Body Concept (Pt 3)

The evangelical church as a whole today is more concerned with being culturally relevant and exciting than operating with holiness and true love.  Our preaching series entitled “The Body Concept” continues, with Pastor Daniel Kriss examining the reasons for divisions in the body of Christ, and providing a detailed discussion on the necessity for mutual care and […]

The Final Words of a Faithful Saviour (Pt 6)

Our communion series on “The Final Words of a Faithful Saviour” continues with the 6th saying of Christ on the cross. In this sermon, Pastor Daniel Kriss exposes for us the grammatical, theological, and historical significance behind the statement of Christ, “It is finished”. Weaving in explanations of the grand truths of propitiation and efficacy as it relates to […]

March 2016

Our Death, Life & Identity in the Gospel

The Apostle Paul makes the amazing proclamation in the book of Galatians that we have been crucified with Christ, and He now lives in us. In this sermon, Pastor Daniel Kriss unpacks the implications of this statement, expounding the truths and ramifications of the believer’s identification in the death of Christ, and in the life of Christ. This dual reality for […]

The Soul-Satisfying Saviour

Mankind is engaged in a relentless pursuit of satisfaction in life. In this sermon, Pastor Daniel Kriss directs our attention toward Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well. Jesus was not interested in religious externalism, and operated without discrimination. He alone distinguishes the heart, and dispenses eternal life. The living water which He offered to this woman is offered […]

The Body Concept (Part 2)

The church of Jesus Christ has a distinctive unity in diversity through the Spirit.  Part 2 of our preaching series entitled “The Body Concept” continued this week with Pastor Daniel Kriss delving into the concept of our unity in the Holy Spirit, explaining our baptism with the Spirit, and exploring the many aspects of our […]

The Final Words of a Faithful Saviour (Pt 5)

The Creator God became physically thirsty in order that we might be spiritually satisfied.  Our communion series on “The Final Words of a Faithful Saviour” continues with this sermon on the fifth saying of Christ on the cross, “The Word of Suffering”.  The reality and severity of Christ’s thirst on the cross is expounded upon by Pastor […]

February 2016

The Body Concept (Pt 1)

It is crucial that we understand that the church is not a place, but a people, a body. Our new preaching series entitled “Come Back to Church” begins with a historical survey of 10 major false ideologies that have pervaded the culture, and subsequently, the church. Pastor Daniel Kriss then unpackages and expounds the reality that […]