The Five Solas of the Reformation: Sola Fide

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Justification by faith alone is the substance and the heart of true Christianity.  In this third of our sermon series on the Reformation, Lucas Macdonald preaches on the topic of “Sola Fide” (by faith alone).  A solid definition was given of salvation by means of justification by faith, and it was noted that this is solely a work of Christ as opposed to our subjective experience.  Interspersed throughout are illuminating and insightful quotes by Martin Luther, as well as historical anecdotes and explanation of Roman Catholic traditions of the time period of the Reformation, highlighting the greatness of the heresy against which Luther and the Reformers stood.  In turn, this enables us to understand in greater measure the critical gospel truth of justification by faith – the instrument that links us to Jesus. The moment our faith, as a gift of His grace, is placed in God, we are pronounced justified, our sin is no longer recorded against us, our eternity secured in Heaven. THIS is a hope to live and die for!