The Five Solas of the Reformation: Solo Christo

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Sermon Notes

The very heart and centre of the gospel is Solo Christo = through Christ alone. In this fourth of our October sermon series rediscovering the truths of the Protestant Reformation, Pastor Daniel Kriss brings us this comprehensive overview of the doctrine of the all-sufficiency of Christ for salvation.  Beginning with a short glossary of important terms, our attention was then drawn to three ways in which the Reformers declared the exclusivity of Christ as the ONLY means of salvation. One danger in our declaration and defense of the truth is that we often fail to delight in it, and a sure antidote to this is to take time to simply bathe in the glory of the gospel.  The scriptural evidence for the sufficiency of Christ was then explored, with several comparisons given of Roman Catholic teaching alongside the Reformers’ teaching.  Pastor Daniel closed with ten specific applications for us to delight in, highlighting the tremendous privileges of a present, continuous, personal relationship with the Christ Who is our all-sufficiency. Solo Christo!