The Ministry of Mercy

Mission Statement
The Ministry of Mercy is an outreach program of Mt. Cathedral Community Baptist Church Inc. (A0057339J) which aims to reflect the love and compassion of Jesus in the local community and beyond through acts of kindness, biblical counselling, and practical assistance. This area of service forms part of the evangelistic responsibilities of the church.
Ministry Responsibilities
  • Uphold standards and conduct that reflect the Lord Jesus Christ and the doctrines and practises of MCCBC.
  • Provide essential services and assistance in the community to the underprivileged, homeless, aged and infirm, those with a disability, illness, and/or chronic health condition. 
  • Organise/administer relief services which include food banks, assistance with shopping, transportation, visitation, counselling (by qualified individuals), and other public aids.
  • Run/assist in support groups and community welfare programs, 
  • Deliver food parcels and care packages.
  • Maintain accurate record keeping.
  • Train others to assist in this ministry. 
Character, Skill, and Qualification Prerequisites
  • A consistent walk with the Lord (Col. 1:10; 1 Thess.2:12).
  • Agreement with the doctrinal position of the church (Phil. 1:27)
  • Completion of Volunteer Form (digital form)
  • Current Working With Children’s Check (WWCC).
  • Other governmental requirements and accreditation (as required)
  • An attitude of care and compassion.
  • A desire to share the gospel. 
  • The ability to work well with others. 


Time Commitment
Serving in The Ministry of Mercy requires sporadic availability due to the nature of the program and other volunteers’ time. It is recommended that at least half an hour is set aside when visiting people from the community and providing some form of relief. There will also be mandatory training for volunteers which must be completed to maintain active duty. 


Behaviour, Manners, & Attire
It is essential that those who are involved in this outreach program set a good example. A tidy, modest appearance is required, and a positive attitude is vital. Given that concentration is essential during visits, it is important that individuals in this ministry are well rested. 


Disputes & Grievances
As with any issues that arise in the church, the Scriptures must be adhered to when dealing with disputes and grievances. This pattern is found in Matthew 18:15-17 and Galatians 6:1-2.