Same sex marriage controversy


1. Should same sex marriage be legal and accepted?
The answer to this highly controversial issue is a resounding NO! The reason for this stand is very simple. It is not because Christians are discriminatory or narrow-minded, it is simply because the Bible makes it abundantly clear that homosexuality is sin. As Christians we believe that the Bible is the very Word of God and is our “instruction manual” for life. The Bible is the only means of knowing absolute truth. It is not relative or open to public opinion, it is definitive and applicable to all mankind, cultures and epochs of time.
At this juncture, it is extremely important that the readers understand that Christians do not view the sin of homosexuality as a “greater sin” than others mentioned in the Scriptures. For example, if the government of our land decided to legalise theft we would express the same position on that subject.
Most importantly, as Christians we are instructed to love our neighbours as ourselves. We are not homophobic. We love the homosexual as we do the heterosexual, and we desire that all people would come to know Jesus Christ who provides forgiveness for all sin. Nonetheless, we cannot support that which defies the Bible, and the summary of our position is that we love the homosexual, but hate the homosexuality.
As always, I am approachable and willing to discuss this matter with anybody who has questions or feedback.

2. Is Murrindindi ready for same sex marriage?
Sadly, Murrindindi IS ready for same sex marriage. Although it is my prayer that this will not become a reality, I am certain that in the not-to-distant future our shire will be joining others who have already moved in this direction. In fact the Bible tells us that widespread homosexuality will be one of the signs that we are nearing the return of Jesus Christ.

3. Is homophobia and discrimination against homosexuals still present in our region?
Homophobia and discrimination is becoming a thing of the past. Acceptance and tolerance of this “sexual orientation” for the most part is now a reality. I am not homophobic or discriminatory and I will NEVER be one who despises or demonstrates hatred towards those involved in a homosexual lifestyle. However, I will never embrace homosexuality as something that is acceptable. Once again this is NOT because I dislike the individual but because I believe in the authority of the Word of God.

4. What are the risks/rewards of legalising same sex marriage?
The greatest risk in legalising same sex marriage is the judgment of God. The Bible makes it clear that sin will not go unpunished both individually, and nationally. Individuals who engage themselves in activity that is contrary to the law of God will one day give an account for their sin. There is no greater risk then to go through life without Jesus Christ and stand before Him, not as your Saviour, but as your judge.
Additionally, the legalisation of same sex marriage also destroys God’s design for family. The Bible tells us that it was God who instituted marriage and that His blueprint was for one male and one female to be joined in holy matrimony for life. Man, in total defiance to God has encouraged promiscuity, polygamy (in some cultures), and homosexuality.

5. Anything you want to add/clarify?
There will be those who read this article and immediately label me as “fanatical”, or worse, a “loveless preacher”. If by “fanatical” you mean one who is concerned with truth, then yes, I am a “truth fanatic”. I am NOT interested in being culturally or socially correct, I am only interested in being Biblically correct. I am bound by the words of Scripture, and to deny these truths is to deny the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Saviour of my soul.
As a Christian, I am one who seeks to love all men in a similar fashion to the Lord Jesus who willingly sat with the publicans and prostitutes of His day. Again, to summarise, WE LOVE THE SINNER BUT HATE THE SIN.