Correspondence from Christ (Pt 7.1): Laodicea

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Sermon Notes

The church at Laodicea is a well-known member of the “Seven Churches” in Revelation, and NOT for positive reasons.  In Part 1 of this final sermon in our Correspondence from Christ series, Pastor Daniel Kriss unpacks this serious and weighty communication from Jesus to the lukewarm body of believers in the affluent city of Laodicea.  Firstly expounding the three titles by which Christ introduces himself, Pastor Daniel then provides us with a detailed summation of Christ’s complaints regarding this church, listing three distinct areas forming a downward spiral of the state of their spiritual life.  Noting historical issues in this city regarding their water supply greatly enlightens us as to the reason that Christ referred to this church as “lukewarm” – a long distance from the “hot springs” of Christ Himself. The challenge powerfully went forth from this message for each to consider the level of spiritual apathy and indifference present in our own lives, and to repent and return to a place of fiery-hot zeal and love for our Saviour.