January 2018

Considering Our Ways & Developing Habits of Holiness (Pt 2.1) – Family/Home Life

Family and home life are in the crosshairs of examination and review in this very personal message, as Pastor Daniel Kriss brings us part 2 of our series “Considering Our Ways & Developing Habits of Holiness – Family/Home Life”.An extensive series of probing questions are posed, beginning with the husband/wife relationship in marriage, and then further still, […]

Considering Our Ways & Developing Habits of Holiness (Pt 2.2) – Family/Home Life

Part 2 of the sermon on Family/Home Life continues here, with Pastor Daniel Kriss now directing his attention firstly to the wives, with a series of pertinent questions on the condition of their role within their marriage. Moving onto the privileged position of parenthood, then children, and finally the home (the “bricks & mortar”), this […]

A Theology of Trees

Trees are a familiar aspect of creation around us. In this unique communion message, Pastor Daniel takes us on a journey through the Bible, considering various trees and their associated attitudes and meanings. Beginning with the Tree of Rebellion and the Tree of Religion in the garden of Eden, moving to the Tree of Inquisition climbed […]

December 2017

Considering Our Ways & Developing Habits of Holiness (Pt 1)

The conclusion of a year and the dawning of a new one bring a wonderful opportunity for reminiscence, review & recalibration. Pastor Daniel Kriss takes this theme in our year-ending sermon, beginning a preaching series of self-examination of five areas of our lives. The introduction is a timely reminder of our life’s purpose, noting that God’s will […]

Hark! The Hymn (Part 1)

The theological depths contained in the lyrics of Charles Wesley’s age-old hymn “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” form the focal point of our special Christmas mini-series. Pastor Daniel Kriss provides a detailed exposition, line by line, of the original lyrics of this hymn for the purpose of recalibrating our minds back to the God-child in […]

November 2017

Correspondence from Christ (Pt 7.1): Laodicea

The church at Laodicea is a well-known member of the “Seven Churches” in Revelation, and NOT for positive reasons.  In Part 1 of this final sermon in our Correspondence from Christ series, Pastor Daniel Kriss unpacks this serious and weighty communication from Jesus to the lukewarm body of believers in the affluent city of Laodicea.  Firstly […]

Correspondence from Christ (Pt 7.2): Laodicea

Part 2 of our sermon on Christ’s letter to the church at Laodicea continues, with Pastor Daniel Kriss delineating the counsel of Christ to this apathetic assembly of believers.  The church was counselled to “purchase” three things from the incalculable treasures of Christ, and the explanation of this unusual term is given, along with a […]

Correspondence from Christ (Pt 6): Philadelphia

The sixth of the letters of Christ to the seven churches in Revelation is addressed to the small assembly at Philadelphia.  In this sermon, Pastor Daniel Kriss breaks down this letter into four aspects, beginning with the characteristics by which Christ describes Himself. Philadelphia’s commendation from Christ relates to their spirituality and obedience even with severely limited resources. Several […]

October 2017

The Five Solas of the Reformation: Soli Deo Gloria

Every one of the Solas of the Reformation finds its’ ultimate purpose in “Soli Deo Gloria” – to the glory of God alone. In this fifth and final sermon of our series of rediscovery of the Protestant Reformation, Pastor Daniel Kriss defines and expounds on the expansive topic of the glory of God. Firstly defining the glory […]

The Five Solas of the Reformation: Solo Christo

The very heart and centre of the gospel is Solo Christo = through Christ alone. In this fourth of our October sermon series rediscovering the truths of the Protestant Reformation, Pastor Daniel Kriss brings us this comprehensive overview of the doctrine of the all-sufficiency of Christ for salvation.  Beginning with a short glossary of important […]