Correspondence from Christ (Pt 7.2): Laodicea

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Sermon Notes

Part 2 of our sermon on Christ’s letter to the church at Laodicea continues, with Pastor Daniel Kriss delineating the counsel of Christ to this apathetic assembly of believers.  The church was counselled to “purchase” three things from the incalculable treasures of Christ, and the explanation of this unusual term is given, along with a description of each treasure and its’ unique relevance to the Laodicean people.  The care of Christ for his indifferent, lukewarm church, in the form of loving rebuke and discipline, is a stunning observation highlighting His immutable love.  Being zealous for Christ is not a matter left to our own choice, it is a serious command of Christ for us just as much as it was for the church at Laodicea. Pastor Daniel then provides us with a remarkable elucidation of the condition of Christ – the tragically loving position He occupied, excluded from the day-to-day activities of His church.  The final words of Christ here are a promise of eternal life in His blessed presence forever, to those who are faithful and fervent conquerors.  May God infuse us with a zealous passion for Himself and His glory!